Tag: Healing

Bartimaeus Is Healed

Bartimaeus Is Healed “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!” Matthew 20 Jesus and His disciples...

Miracle at Cana in Galilee

“Go home,” said Jesus with compassion, placing His hand on the nobleman’s trembling shoulder. “Your son lives.”

Jesus Casts Out an Unclean Spirit

Jesus casts a devil out of a man, which actions attracts the attention of cynics, saying He used unholy powers to cast out the spirit.

Miracle of the Leper

“Lord, if you want, you can heal me.” Cried the leper. “I do want to,” The Lord in his compassion replied, lifting the man from the earth.

Jesus Casts Out Devils

When encountering two possessed men, Jesus commands the spirits to enter a herd of swine who drown in the nearby sea.


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