Jairus’ Daughter is Raised

“Have Faith”

Matthew 9

A leader of the synagogue came to Jesus after He had finished teaching one day. He fell at the Master’s feet, overcome with grief.

“My daughter is sick, and almost dead. Come and lay your hand on her, and I know she will live,” Jairus pleaded.

Jesus lifted Jairus from the ground, and said compassionately, “Bring me to her.” When they arrived at Jairus’ home, people were loudly mourning the death of Jairus’ daughter. They were too late.

Jairus collapsed in sorrow. Jesus, however, calmly went into the home, passed the crying friends and family, and looked at the girl lying on her deathbed. She was still and peaceful.

“She is not dead, she is only asleep,” He said, still looking at her. The family’s loved ones laughed sadly at such a claim! The girl was gone, without question. There was nothing left to be done except prepare for the funeral.

Still, they obeyed when Jesus told them to leave the house. They quietly gave their condolences to Jairus and his wife, until there was no one left but Jesus and their dead daughter.

The Master went to the deathbed and took the young girl’s hand. Jairus’ daughter’s eyes fluttered open, and she stood. Her parents wrapped her in their arms, rejoicing. She had been returned to them.

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