A Syrophoenician Woman Is Healed

“Faith is the Key”

Mark 7

Jesus and His disciples traveled through the coasts of Tyre and Sidon. As they walked the path, they were met by a Canaanite woman, a Gentile.

“Lord, have mercy on me! My daughter is caught by a devil!” she cried out. Jesus looked at her then continued walking, saying nothing to her. She continued to follow Him.

“Son of David, please!” she called to Him desperately. Yet Jesus maintained His silence.

“Master,” said one of the disciples, glancing uncomfortably at the weeping woman trailing behind them.

“Tell her to go home. She’s still following us, and she won’t stop crying out to you.”

“I am not sent to come to anyone but those of the house of Israel,” Jesus responded, pausing His walk.

As they stopped, the woman caught up and threw herself at the Master’s feet.
“Lord, help me,” she begged.
“One does not take bread from children to feed the dogs,” said Jesus.

He meant that His Father had sent Him to teach the Jews, not the Gentiles.
“True, Lord,” she answered.
“But the dogs do eat the crumbs that fall from the table.” Jesus smiled compassionately at the woman’s determination.

He knelt and lifted her up.
“Woman, you have great faith,” He said with approval.
“It will be as you have asked.” The woman tearily thanked Him and rushed home to find her daughter healed.

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