Miracle of the Leper

“Jesus Will Not Turn Away from You”

Matthew 8

Jesus was leaving the hill where He gave the Sermon on the Mount with His disciples when a man called out to Him. He was heavily bandaged, with a few open sores visible on his face that indicated what was beneath the wraps. The man was a leper.

A few of the disciples drew back in disgust and pity. But Jesus didn’t draw back. He stopped to listen to the leper.

“Lord!” cried the leper, falling to his knees when he reached them. “Lord, if you want, you can heal me.”

Jesus looked at the sad man, knowing of his isolation and of the pain his disease caused. The man had been alone, with only the other sick and dying lepers for company.

With a heart full of compassion, Jesus reached out His hand and touched the infected man.

I do want to,” He said kindly, lifting the man from the earth.

The disciples watched in awe as the bandages fell away to reveal healthy skin. The man’s eyes filled with tears as he inspected his pain-free body.

Tell no one, but go and see the priest,” said Jesus, smiling at the joy and gratitude on the man’s face. “Offer the sacrifice required by the Law of Moses as a witness of the miracle you have received.

The man nodded and left, but he could not contain his heartfelt gratitude. Soon his miracle had been heard of in every part of the land. Jesus’ fame spread like wildfire and He could no longer enter the city without being swarmed by people. The Master and His disciples tried to avoid the throngs by camping in deserted areas outside the city, but it didn’t help. People found Him, traveling from every corner of the country.

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