Jesus Heals a Deaf Man With a Speech Impediment

“He can Heal you”

Mark 7

Jesus and His disciples were traveling, leaving Tyre and Sidon and coming to the sea of Galilee, by the city of Decapolis. As He entered the city, a group of people were ushering forward a man.

“Master, please, heal him!” said one of the group, a friend of the man being brought to Jesus. Jesus paused and waited for the band to reach Him.

“He is deaf, and he has a speech impediment,” explained the friend. Jesus listened to the friend, then took the deaf man by the hand and lead him away from the crowd. Gently, He put His fingers in the man’s ears, then spit on His hands and touched the man’s tongue. Looking upwards, the Master sighed and said to the man,

“Be opened.” Immediately, the man began to hear the chatter of the crowded streets, the wind whistling through the street, the braying of passing donkeys.

“Thank you,” he said, his tongue loosened so he could be clearly understood.
“Don’t tell anyone what I have done,” said Jesus, placing a hand on the man’s shoulder.

“Of course, Master, anything!” said the man, overcome with gratitude. The man, however, was too overjoyed and overcome by this miracle to keep it to himself. He told all his friends and family, and the news soon spread.

“He has performed so many miracles,” a woman far from Decapolis commented to her friend as they discussed the story. “He has made the deaf hear, and the dumb speak!”

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