Ashleigh learns that by relying on faith, God is willing to bless us in even the most simple and small ways to make sure that we get to where we need to be.

Ashleigh’s Story

I have really come to develop a relationship with God through prayer and faith. I have had many experiences where I’ve needed help with various things; and praying and having faith in God is what helped me through each of those times.

One experience I can vividly recall was about 10 years ago. My dad, little brother, and I were getting into our car in the parking lot of a grocery store after putting a lot of groceries in the trunk. My dad went to start the car, and it wouldn’t start. He turned the key over and over, and the car would not start no matter how many times we tried. We began to get very nervous because we were far from home, and it was starting to get dark.

My little brother suggested that we say a prayer asking God to bless us that our car would start and that we’d make it home safely. After he ended the prayer, my dad tried starting the car again; and it started right up with no problems! I know that praying and having faith in God truly helped us that day.

I am so grateful that they care about each of us enough to help us through our problems; even if it’s something as small and simple as starting a car in a grocery store parking lot. I know we can pray to God and Jesus Christ about anything, and that they listen to us and want to help us.

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