Four Thousand Are Miraculously Fed

“Give Praise to God”

Mark 8

Jesus was seated on a mountain near the sea of Galilee. A huge number of people had come to find Him, bringing their sick and afflicted to His feet for Him to heal their loved ones. The Master healed all that were brought. As He healed them, those who witnessed were filled with awe and gave praises to the God of Israel.

These activities continued for several days. On the third day, Jesus called His disciples to Him.
“I feel compassion towards these people,” He said, looking over the sea of heads covering the mountain side.
“They have stayed with me for three days now, and they haven’t eaten anything all this time. I cannot send them away hungry, or they will faint as they return to their homes.”

“Master,” said a disciple hesitantly.
“Where will we get enough bread in the wilderness to feed so many thousands of people?” Jesus stopped surveying the multitude to look at the disciples.
“How many loaves of bread do you have?” He inquired.

There was a rustling as the disciples checked their supplies.
“Seven, and a few fishes,” they responded. Jesus nodded, then turned back to the multitude.
“Please, sit,” He said, motioning to the ground. There was a low rumble of thunder as thousands sat in waves on the mountain.

Jesus smiled, then turned back to the disciples. He gathered up their loaves and fishes, blessed them and gave thanks, and then began to break them up. As He broke the bread and fish, He distributed them to the disciples and told them to hand out the food.

Everyone ate until they were full. Seven baskets of leftover fragments were sent back to where Jesus and the disciples sat. There were four thousand men present, not including women and children.

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