The Higher Law of Marriage

Marriage is a sacred covenant

Matthew 5

The Savior continued to share how His followers need to live the higher law — the complete law.

“You have also heard, ‘Thou shalt not commit adultery,’” He said. “But even if you look at another woman lustfully, you have already been unfaithful with her in your heart.”

Christ explained further, if your eye is looking lustfully, take out that eye because it is better for one part of your body to be lost than your whole body be thrown into hell. The same went for your hand, or any other body part, because losing one body part was better than losing your whole body to hell.

Divorcing your spouse does not excuse one from committing adultery. The Savior’s face turned more serious as he spoke of the covenant marriage, which He knew Pharisees saw as something more temporal.

“If you divorce your wife, you must have the divorce in writing,” Christ explained. “Anyone who divorces his wife, except for reasons of sexual immorality, is making her commit adultery. And whoever marries her, that is also divorced, is committing adultery.”

The Savior knew Heavenly Father created marriage as a sacred covenant and made sure His disciples understood the seriousness of remaining faithful in marriage.

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