Swear Not at All

“Don’t break your oath”

Matthew 5

“Next, the law you have heard was, ‘Don’t break your oath and fulfill the vows you have made,’” Christ stated. “That is incorrect. Don’t swear an oath at all.”

His disciples were anxious for the next words. They were understanding the Savior’s purpose for having this sermon. He wanted His followers to undergo a complete change in their hearts.

“Not by heaven, because that is God’s throne,” Jesus continued. “Not by the earth, because that is his footstool. Not by Jerusalem, because that is the city of the Great King.”

Every word that came out of their mouths needs to be spoken like it is an oath.

“Don’t even swear an oath by our head, because you will not even be able to make one strand of hair black or white,” He explained. “All you need to say is ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and anything outside of that comes from the evil one.”

In the perfect law of Christ, perfecting the law of Moses, every man’s word needs to be his bond.

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