First Be Reconciled to Thy Brother

“The Higher Law”

Matthew 5

“You already know the commandment, ‘Thou shalt not kill’,” Christ said. “And whoever commits murder will be subject to judgment.”

The people nodded in understanding, but the Savior was about to give them the higher law to follow. Eyes were focused on His face and words.

“Beyond murder, if any of you are even angry with a peer, will be subject to judgment,” He stated. “Calling anyone a fool will also be subject to judgment.”

The weight was heavy on His disciples, but He was speaking to believers. The Savior was building the new foundation for these people to be spiritually renewed.

“If you have an offering at the altar, make sure you have no brother or sister that has something against you,” Jesus explained. “Go and make harmony with all of them, then go back to the altar and offer your gift. Make amends while you’re with them quickly, for any remaining conflict will be taken with you and may throw you in prison. And you will not get out until you pay the last penny.”

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