Gethsemane Prayer

“not as I want, but according to Your will.”

Mark 14

Jesus and His disciples walked up the Mount of Olives into the Garden of Gethsemane. It was dark, late after a long day. The disciples were tired. After a while, Jesus stopped in a clearing.

“Sit here while I pray over there,” said Jesus, pointing to a spot a little further into the grove of trees. “Peter, James, and John come with me.”

Jesus was very sad and it was clear that something was weighing heavily on Him.

“My soul is so sorrowful that I feel I could die from the pain,” said Jesus quietly. “Stay here and watch over me.”

The three disciples looked at Him in concern, not knowing what to say. Jesus walked a little further and fell prostrate on the ground. He began to pray.

“My Father, if it is possible, please let this cup pass by me,” He moaned. “But not as I want, but according to Your will.”

After an hour, He returned to where Peter, James, and John were. They had fallen asleep instead of keeping watch. Jesus woke them up.

“Peter, you could not watch over me for one hour?” Jesus asked with an ache in His voice. “Watch and pray, so that you aren’t tempted. Your spirit is willing, but your mortality makes you weak.”

The three disciples were ashamed and couldn’t say anything. Without another word, Jesus returned to the place He had been praying.

“My Father, if this cup cannot pass from me, unless I drink it first, Your will be done,” He whispered.

Jesus returned again after some time to find Peter, James and John asleep once more. He repeated His heartbroken disappointment, asking why they couldn’t do such a small thing for Him.

The Master left a third time and prayed with the same words. He sweat drops of blood from the agony of the sins of the world. Exhausted, He walked back to the disciples.

The Savior said, “Sleep now and rest. My time has come, and I am given to sinners.”


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