Tag: Forgiveness

Turn the other cheek

Christ noticed that the law given to Moses started drifting away from its real purpose. The scribes and Pharisees misunderstood the teachings of “an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.”

Love Your Enemies

“You must also love your enemies,” He simply stated. “Whether they curse you, hate you, use you, or persecute you, you must bless them, serve them, and pray for them.”

Miracle of the Leper

“Lord, if you want, you can heal me.” Cried the leper. “I do want to,” The Lord in his compassion replied, lifting the man from the earth.

Mary’s Story

“From that point on, I knew Jesus would never abandon me. He loves me–even with my shortcomings–and I will forever trust in Him.”

Jesus Heals A Paralyzed Man

Jesus returned to Nazareth, the town where He grew up as a carpenter’s son. Jesus heals a paralyzed man, found in Matthew 9, Luke 5 and Mark 2.

Woman Caught In Adultery

Even the worst of mistakes and sins can be overcome through the grace and love of Jesus Christ, just as the woman caught in adultery.


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