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Intercessory Prayer

Intercessory Prayer “Father, my time has come.” John 17 Before leaving the upper room where...

The Golden Rule

Regardless of status, education, race, class, or anything else, above all, the Savior yearned for everyone to treat one another with love and respect.

Love Your Enemies

“You must also love your enemies,” He simply stated. “Whether they curse you, hate you, use you, or persecute you, you must bless them, serve them, and pray for them.”

What Did Jesus Teach About the Law of Moses?

The New Testament portrays Joseph and Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, as observant Jews (Luke 2:22-24). Luke reveals that Jesus was raised according to the customs of the people (Luke 2:41-42). We assume, therefore, that Jesus observed the Law of Moses as an obedient and faithful son of the Law.


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