Whosoever Exalteth Himself

“whoever humbles himself will be dignified”

Luke 14

Jesus was at the home of the ruler of the Pharisees to participate in the Sabbath feast. There were many guests, and Jesus watched as the Pharisees picked out the best places to sit among all the people.

Jesus spoke to the Pharisees, saying, “When you are invited to a wedding, don’t sit in the most honorable chair in case someone of higher rank comes and you’d be asked to give your seat to him. With shame, you’d be sent to the lowest chair.

Instead, when you are invited to the wedding, go and sit in the lowest chair of your own free will. Then the groom will find you and say, ‘Friend, go up to a higher chair.’

Whoever makes himself great will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be dignified.”

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