The Parable of the Great Supper

Accept His invitation

Luke 24

Jesus was eating the Sabbath feast at the home of the chief Pharisee. Jesus watched as the Pharisees paraded their wealth to their guests. Jesus spoke to them in a parable, reproaching their arrogance and pride.

“A certain man made a great feast and invited many people to come. He sent his servant to the guests to tell them the feast was ready.

“Then all the guests responded with excuses. One said he had bought land and needed to see it. Another said that he had bought new oxen and needed to test them. A third said that he was newly married and couldn’t come.

“The servant returned to his master and reported that none of the invited guests were coming. The master was angry with the guests. He told the servant, ‘Go out into the streets and alleys of the city and bring in the poor, sick, and afflicted so they can enjoy the feast.’

“The servant went out and did as the master instructed.

“‘Go out again,’ instructed the master, seeing there was still room at his feast. ‘Go and find everyone you can on the highway and invite them as well, so that my house will be full. None of those who were originally invited will taste of this feast.’”

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