Gethsemane Prayer

Time Period

Scriptures: Matt5; John 2

Tradition places the wise men at the stable on that first Christmas night, yet the scriptures record: “When [the wise men] were come into the house, they saw the young child with Mary his mother.” (Matthew 2:11). Why did the wise men come to a toddler and not an infant? To understand this timing we must understand the circumstance of Mary and Joseph.

In the Law of Moses, the poorest families could sacrifice a turtledove in place of a lamb (Lev. 12:9). When Mary came to the temple, she brought this substitute because the Holy Family was not blessed with worldly riches (Luke 2:24). Joseph must have felt overwhelmed when the angel commanded him to take his family and flee into Egypt. They had no means to make this journey, and so God sent Holy Men bearing gifts that allowed them to accomplish His commands.

There are times when we too feel unable to do what the Lord has asked. In these moments we should remember that our Father will care for us as He did His own Son. If we are patient, He will send others “bearing gifts” that allow us to accomplish what seems impossible.

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