Throughout history, a question that has surfaced many times is a simple one: what is Christianity?

While at first glance this question may seem overwhelming, the truth is that the answer is uncomplicated. Christianity can trace its roots back thousands of years to one miraculous life.

At its core, Christianity revolves around Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world and the Son of God. Christians believe that Jesus was both human and divine as His Father was God and His mother was Mary, a virgin.

Christians believe that Jesus was sent as the prophesied Messiah to free the world from the chains of sin and death. Jesus was sent by God to live on Earth to be a perfect example to all people, and to fulfill the mission that He had been given. Part of that mission was to spread His teachings and to establish the church. The most significant part of His mortal mission was to perform the Atonement, which was the suffering, crucifixion, death and subsequent resurrection of Jesus.  The Atonement makes it possible for everyone to repent and change and become clean through the blood of Christ. He died for every person who ever has ever or will ever live as a symbol of His love and devotion to each of us and our personal deliverance.

In sending His beloved Son, God showed the world that Jesus’ message and teachings of the Gospel were stronger than death. Every person that believes in Him and follows His example and teachings is promised eternal life after death. The resurrection of Jesus (being raised from the dead) indicates the promise of salvation that is given to all people who follow Him.

After Jesus’ extraordinary resurrection, His teachings were spread throughout the world by His followers, disciples, and prophets, who continued to preach and convert people everywhere with His message of peace and hope. Today there are approximately 2.6 billion Christians throughout the world.