My son was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 16. We were all very worried. We prayed and fasted for a positive outcome. He was put on an oral chemo and he told me he would be healthy enough to play football his senior year.
Through lots of prayer and hard work he accomplished that wish. He was even strong enough to fight through his whole senior year and graduate.

The day of graduation I got the call that the leukemia had reared it ugly head with a vengeance. Again we were very devastated.
We went back to Primary children’s hospital to figure out a plan for the future. This is when we found out that his brother was a 10 out of 10 match to him. We could do a bone marrow transplant.

The doctors wanted his cancer numbers to drop first so we spent the summer praying and taking chemo. It wasn’t working this time.
The doctors decided they needed to give him some really strong chemo. In the hospital we went, with prayers and a lot of fighting. His numbers weren’t coming down and he was having very adverse reactions to the chemo. The doctors decided they just needed to proceed with the BMT (bone marrow transplant), so that is what we did. Again a lot of prayers and fasting on his behalf for a positive outcome were issued. As his mom I was not finding comfort with that.

I finally changed how I fasted and prayed. In my mind I physically picked up my son and placed him in Christ’s arms. I prayed for comfort and strength to handle whatever was in my path. From that moment on I had comfort. For 2 more years Colton fought with everything he had. He ended up with stage 4 GVHD (graph vs. Host disease), a complication from the BMT. I felt in my heart that Christ needed him on the other side. We still fasted and prayed but it was for the comfort and strength to handle what was meant to be. Colton had to come to grips with the outcome and when he did he found comfort.

He passed away after fighting for 5 and half years. It isn’t easy losing a child but through fasting and prayer we have had so many tender mercies to help us. I feel his heart in mine. He is so happy and so healthy there isn’t any way I would want him back here with us. That would just be selfish. Through fasting and prayer I know he is where he is supposed to be. I know he is doing the Lord’s work. I know we will see him again and be together as a family. I don’t share my feelings easy and this is hard for me but I kept getting the push to share this. I pray it can help someone who is going through a hard time. I know that when we fast and pray with an open heart and a contrite spirit, the answers and comfort will come.

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