Renee’s Story

For those who may be unsure about the power of fasting and prayer: My family has been the recipient of a group fast.

My 11 year old daughter was misdiagnosed for two weeks, and as a result became so ill that she remembers them cutting into her to remove the infection from a ruptured appendix before she was under anesthesia.

As my mom and I were tending to her in the hospital, we felt love and power flow through us with such a force that we stopped and looked at each other. “Did you feel that!?” “Yes.” I’ll never forget the feeling OR the look on her face! In our worry, we had forgotten that our church group was fasting for us that day.

I am so thankful for the support of my brothers and sisters when we were so afraid and my prayers were weak, repeated one liners, “Please don’t take my baby.” We were warned not to be too hopeful several times, but the sustaining power we felt was UNDENIABLE.

Fasting and sincere prayer offered up to a loving Heavenly Father do result in REAL blessings. His eyes are on us!

We have had other experiences when our prayers were not answered how we hoped, but I have faith in His promise of all things being made right through His Son Jesus Christ.

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