Mary’s Story

I have a favorite story of prayer. It did not lead to a big miracle, but it did lead to comfort and peace.

I was involved in an auxiliary military group and went to their form of basic training for 3 weeks at 16. I shared a barracks with 10 or 11 other young women and we are mixed faiths, backgrounds, etc.
Every night I would read my scriptures and pray, trying to do so nonchalantly so that I would not bring attention or possibly get in trouble. One night, around the middle of the second week, my bunkmates noticed me praying and asked if I was. I replied with a yes and if I could finish? They then asked if I would pray with them. I agreed after I finished my own.
We all stood and kneeled in a circle, on our bunks and the floor and I voiced a prayer. We then added things that each one needed and I let them individually add anything else. It was the most beautiful prayer.
At the conclusion, there was so much peace, some tears and smiles. Everyone mentioned how much better they felt. It was the first night everyone slept silently and soundly and it was amazing. Unfortunately we were unable to pray like that again, but they never forgot and never struggled with sleep for the rest of our experience there.
It did not lead to a miracle, but it gave comfort and peace in the midst of struggle and i will never forget it.

So even if you feel you are unworthy or any other excuse or guilt, please know that God does not judge and loves all of us equally. I am far from perfect, but this experience has taught me to love everyone and keep praying. I hope that all of us can continue to find unity in prayer.

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