Ethan learns abroad that as long as we have the light of Christ, we can always find joy

Ethan’s Story

I used to struggle with being patient and kind. It seemed like the slightest set-back or obstacle was cause to get upset and frustrated. It wasn’t until I reached adulthood and had the opportunity to travel outside of the U.S. that my perspectives began to change.

While on my travels, I had the opportunity to meet many wonderful people and witness the light of Jesus that they carried. I realized that outside of my ‘perfect’ world there were people who—despite strenuous and difficult circumstances—were happy.

These people were able to recognize the hand of the Savior in their lives, and that was enough for them. They didn’t let themselves get caught up in the things that were outside of their control and worked on developing a meaningful relationship with Jesus through their faith and devotion to His teachings.

Seeing the example of these amazing individuals helped me learn that many of the things I let frustrate or annoy me were superficial compared to the relationship that I have with Jesus, and that if I would but rely on His teachings, I could come to find more joy and less frustration in life.

I know that if we can follow Jesus Christ’s example to love those around us for who they are and serve them selflessly, an impatient heart can begin to calm and grow to support even the most trying situations.

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