Claire’s Story

When I was in high school, I remember this one particular night that as I was reading about Jesus in the scriptures, I got a powerful feeling that what I was reading was true. I had this realization that the man in the story, this Jesus Christ, was a very real person who knew me, who loved me, who had died for me, and who had lived for me.

I had grown up being taught about Jesus from my parents, and I always believed in Him, but in this moment as I sat on my bedroom floor reading about Him, I had the feeling that He knew me and I felt His love.

Although this was a simple and somewhat seemingly insignificant experience, it made all the difference to me. Coming to know Jesus Christ came as I learned and read about Him, and I have since strengthened my knowledge of Jesus as I have continued to study the Bible and learn about Him.

The more I have learned about Christ, the more I want to be like Him and follow in His ways. The Bible helped bring me to Jesus and Christ has since brought me a happier and more satisfying way of life.

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