Photo from Sadie Robertson’s Facebook


Sadie Robertson Shares Encouragement and Love During Global Pandemic


When she was only 17-years-old, Sadie Robertson decided that she wanted to do more with her life. With a large social media following thanks to her roles in TV shows Duck Dynasty and Dancing with the Stars, Robertson saw an opportunity to reach people who needed her. She felt that God was calling her to a life of helping others.


Six years later and Robertson is fulfilling that calling. She has written books, created podcasts, gone on public speaking tours, and set up a website, all in order to share the message of hope that comes from trusting in God.


Now Robertson is using her wide reach to help give encouragement to those who may be struggling with fear and doubt during the current global pandemic. Her website, Live Original, is updated frequently with blog posts such as “10 Verses to Help with Fear” and “God is Good in the Suffering.” And her Facebook page is full of Bible verses and words of hope and joy.

In her most recent podcast episode, Robertson noted that quarantine is “a beautiful time…to rest and really do some of the things that we’ve always said we wanted to do for ourselves, like read more, study more, read the Bible, learn more about God.”


Robertson also shared her hope that we will “come out of this better than when we started.” She emphasized the opportunity we have now to root ourselves in the Bible, “so when the storms do come or somebody gets sick…we’ll be rooted in our faith enough to have strength during these times.”


Encouraging others to reach their potential is Robertson’s mission, and the work she’s doing now shows how much she cherishes such a mission. We can all take a page from her book and use our current circles of influence to spread positivity and love. As we share testimonies of Christ, post scripture verses that give us strength, and extend kind words to others, we will find ourselves growing closer to God, even in the middle of a crisis.