“Choose Faith Over Fear” – National Worship Service Gives Message of Comfort Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Though the current outbreak of Coronavirus is unlike anything we’ve had to face before, the message of one worship service on Sunday was full of hope, comfort, and faith. Though Pastor Jentezen Franklin preached to an empty auditorium, his sermon was live-streamed for hundreds of thousands of viewers nationwide to watch.

Sunday March 15th was declared by the President as a National Day of Prayer for those affected by the Coronavirus outbreak. So Georgia-based Free Chapel took to the internet to lift spirits and virtually join the nation in prayer.

Pastor Franklin began by addressing the worries and fears that we all currently face in light of the recent pandemic. He said, “Today there’s no need for panic. But we must make a choice. You have to choose faith over fear.”

He went on to point out that the most frequent commandment given in the Bible is “fear not.” “Isn’t that something? Fear not. And it’s always coupled with the most often-given promise: ‘For I am with you.’ ‘Fear not’ is mentioned 366 times in the Bible. That’s a ‘fear not’ for every day you get up, you turn the TV on, or somebody sneezes at work, or somebody coughs. Fear not! I’ve got a ‘fear not’ every day I get up. Goodness and mercy are waiting at the foot of my bed. Fear not.”

It’s not a coincidence that over and over in scripture, Christ told us to “fear not.” And now more than ever we can find comfort in His word. Though the world around us might seem out of control, we still have control over one thing: our faith. As Pastor Franklin put it, “Don’t let worry make you go into a panic. Jesus said ‘I am with you in your home. I am where you are. I know your address. I know all about you. I have not forgotten about you. I am with you.’”

Free Chapel’s band and choir joined Pastor Franklin, singing and providing worship music. In the first song of the service, they sang, “There’s power in the mighty name of Jesus. Every war He wages He will win. I’m not backing down from any giant. I know how this story ends.”

The future seems uncertain, but just like these lyrics proclaim, we “know how this story ends.” Jesus has promised that “I am with you.” And that’s a promise we can all have faith in.