The Parable of the Rich Fool

Focus on the “treasures of God.”

Luke 12

During the Master’s travels, a man approached Him and asked for His help as a Rabbi. Rabbis traditionally were seen as arbiters among the people.

“Master, will you talk to my brother?” the man asked. “He won’t share our inheritance with me.”

“Who has made me a judge between the two of you?” asked Jesus. “Listen, and beware of coveting. A person’s life if not measured in the things that he owns.

I give you a parable. The fields of a certain rich man grew a large crop.

‘Where will I store the fruit of my fields?’ he wondered. ‘My barns are already full.’

Answering himself, he said, ‘I will tear down my barns and build bigger ones. Then I will have room for everything. Then I can have peace in my soul, because I have enough to live comfortably for many years.’

But God said, ‘You fool, tonight you will die. What worth will be the barns and your fields be now?’

This is the fate of the person who focuses only on the treasures of the world, and not on the treasures of God.”

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