Jesus Walks on the Sea of Galilee

“Why did you Doubt?”

Matthew 14

After performing the miracle of feeding the five thousand with just a few loaves and fishes, Jesus needed time to be alone and to speak to His Father. They were on the shore of Galilee already, so Jesus sent His disciples ahead of Him to cross the sea in their ship. He would meet them on the other side. Then the Master turned to the mountain and climbed it a good distance. He knelt to pray.

Hours passed. When He had finished praying, it was past midnight. He looked down from the mountain to the sea of Galilee, but it was covered in clouds. He began His way down the mountain towards the sea.

The disciples had been sailing for hours. Now, in the full darkness of night, they were fighting against a strong wind and huge waves. It was the fourth watch, somewhere between three and six in the morning. As the disciples struggled with to control the ship, one saw something moving among the waves in the distance.

“There’s a spirit walking out on the water!” he cried in fear. The other disciples looked around in panic, catching sight of a white figure walking on the water.
“I see it too!” shouted another.
“What should we do?” yelled another. As they began to panic, attempting to control the ship and their rising terror, the figure called out to them.

“Don’t be afraid! It’s me!” a familiar voice called out to them. They were silenced, looking out at the figure they now recognized as the Master, in disbelief.
“Lord, if it’s you, have me come out to you on the water!” Peter called out.
“Come,” said Jesus.

Shakily, Peter climbed over the side of the rocking ship and tentatively stepped out onto the water. Miraculously, it held his weight. More confident now, he began to walk towards Jesus. Suddenly, the force of the wind caught him. Seeing the waves grow larger around him, Peter was filled with fear. The sea wasn’t holding him up anymore, and he was rapidly sinking into the stormy sea.

“Lord, save me!” he cried, arms flailing above his head. Immediately Jesus reached out and grabbed Peter’s hand, then pulled him back out of the sea.

“Oh, you of little faith,” said Jesus with gentle disappointment.
“Why did you doubt?” The two walked arm in arm back to the ship. The sea calmed as Jesus entered the boat. The early
morning light began to come over the mountain. Someone announced,
“You are truly the Son of God.”

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