Jesus Calms the Storm

“Where is Your Faith?”

Matthew 8

Evening fell after a long day. Jesus Christ had been teaching from a boat near the shore to a crowd of people gathered there. Jesus was tired and needed to rest. He asked His disciples to sail to the other side of the sea, where it would be quiet and peaceful.

The disciples obeyed and told the crowd that it was time to go home. As the people on the shore walked back to their homes, the disciples raised the sails and began to cross the sea. Jesus went to the back of the little ship and fell asleep to the gentle rocking of the waves.

Clouds gathered as they sailed, and then the wind came up. Soon, violent waves tossed and threw the small ship around without mercy. The disciples, though experienced sailors, were frightened and knew that the storm had become deadly. A disciple went to the back of the ship, waking Jesus.

“Master! Don’t you care that we are about to die? How can you sleep in such a storm?!” he shouted, over the sound of the crashing waves.

Jesus immediately got up and spoke to the wind. “Peace, be still,” he said calmly, arms outstretched to the dangerous tempest.

The wind slowed, and the sea calmed, obeying the Master. In a matter of moments, the once-raging sea was smooth like glass, and the air was still.

Christ turned and looked at the disciples, who were still soaked and afraid. “Why are you so afraid? Where is your faith?

The disciples looked at each other with amazement.

“What kind of man is this? Even the wind and the sea obey Him!” one cried.

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