Faithful Servants Receive Eternal Life

“Gather the souls”

John 4

Jesus sat at Jacob’s well outside the city walls of Sychar. The Samaritan woman had left a few minutes ago after speaking with Him, and the disciples had returned from the city with food. After they began to eat, they noticed the Master hadn’t moved. He continued to gaze at the nearby mountains on the other side of the city. 

“Master,” said Peter, picking up some dried meat and approaching Jesus. “Master, eat something.”

He handed Christ the meat, and although He accepted it in His hand, He did not raise it to eat. 

“Won’t you eat something?” said Andrew, joining them at the well. 

Jesus broke His gaze with the mountains and turned to His concerned followers. 

“I have meat to sustain me that you don’t know about,” said Jesus. 

Peter and Andrew looked over at the other disciples. 

“Did any of you already give the Master food?” Peter asked the other ten. Before any of them could respond, Jesus spoke again. 

“My food is to do the will of my Father, and to finish His work. Haven’t you all said, four more months until harvest time? If you would look, you would see the fields are already white and ready for harvest. Those that work with me to gather the souls who are willing to follow me will earn wages and gather eternal life.”

 The disciples sat in silence, quietly eating and pondering the words of the Master. 

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