• Last Update November 24, 2021

About Course

How can I you have more courage? Through this course you will learn how God will support you and help you find the courage needed to stand up for what is true and right, even when you're afraid.


When we think of courage, we might think of knights in shining armor, but courage isn’t just for fairy tales. It’s an attribute we can all develop and benefit from.

Topics for this course

4 Lessons

Courage Looks Different for Everyone


How Jesus Showed Courage

Esther; Another Great Example of Courage?

Read the story of Esther and as you read, think of how you can apply this story to your life

Study Courage?

Study these scriptures about courage

Try it Out:?

Courage isn’t something you’ll gain overnight, but you can develop it over time as you try out these recommended actions. The point is not to be perfect, but to try your best and let the Lord help you where you need it.

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