Shelbie’s Story

Hi! My name is Shelbie and I am a college student AND a single mother to precious little baby boy. I first found out that I was pregnant 3 days after my high school graduation. This definitely surprised me, but I KNEW that God had given me this precious baby for a reason. The first lady at my church told me to go to ThriVe and that they had great resources.

So, I went to ThriVe and learned that they had these awesome parenting classes called “Parent University”. I attended these classes and earned “baby bucks”, which helps you buy baby items in their resource store they have at the clinics. Guys, my son turned 1 year old this January and I didnt have to buy diapers or wipes until he was around 14 months old and I graduated from the class in May of 2019.

ThriVe has helped me so much that I wanted to give back, so I did. I received a receipt from them in the mail on Friday November 15, 2019 which included a coupon card for ThriVe and a message saying “Here is a coupon card, pray over it and pass it on to someone who may need it”, so I prayed over it and had put it in my wallet.

That following Monday, I was working a tabletop on “We Don’t Need PP” for the Circle of Life club, and our president was talking to a young lady who had just recently found out she was pregnant. Our president called me over to talk with them, I could definitely relate to this young lady, and she started asking questions about how it is to be a college student AND a mom. While we were talking I heard this little voice in the back of my head telling me to give her the ThriVe coupon card….. Guys, when I say the Holy Spirit was right there with me helping me find the words to say to her, I mean it. So I gave her the coupon card and we talked about ThriVe and how they help pregnant women.

I had goosebumps the whole time. The Holy Spirit definitely was right there with us. As my Pastor says, there is always a reason why something happened…. AKA “Divine Appointments”. Well…. Talking to that young lady was my “Divine Appointment” and I am so glad that it happened.

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