Kali’s Story

On March 22, 2017, my 2 year old son was playing a game with his sisters while I made dinner. He was pressing on the screen from a 2nd story window to say hello to the girls on the patio down below, when suddenly, the screen popped. He fell 14 feet head first. My 8 year old tried to catch him, but he slipped right through her little hands.

By the time the paramedics arrived, my son was nearly lifeless in my arms. After arriving at the ER, I learned that his injuries were extensive. He’d crushed the front part of his skull, suffered an orbital fracture to his left eye and had 2 fractures near his spinal cord. But those were nothing compared to the bleeding on his brain. He was intubated and admitted to the pediatric ICU where we were told that the first 24 hours would be critical. Our family members and friends began to fast and pray.

Many miracles transpired that can’t be explained, other than it was God’s will that my son stay on the earth for a while longer. After only 5 days in the hospital, we took our broken son home to heal. The years that followed were very difficult due to his brain injury. I am a different person now. More paranoid for sure and unfortunately, more helicopter like. On the other hand, I am less judgmental to those around me (having been in a place of judgement and having hurtful comments made by those who didn’t fully understand my situation), I am more compassionate and can empathize more with others than I could before. I’ve discovered that although our trials vary greatly, many of the feelings we experience are similar. Loss is one of the similar feelings. We all suffer loss in various ways. I suffered loss. Not loss of a child, but loss of what I thought life would look like for him and for me.

I don’t have an answer for why some get the miracle of living and some do not, but I do know that God needs angels on both sides of the veil. It takes a group effort to get through tough times and I’ve witnessed firsthand the help of angels. Some I can see and some I can only feel, but I know they are there and I know who sent them. It is my prayer that everyone can know of God’s love for them. His hand is outstretched to all. You will find Him if you’re looking for Him. For me, I feel God’s love through the kindness of others and the beautiful creations around me. I believe that God speaks to everyone in their own language and how they will best understand. If you’re not sure how God speaks to you, I hope you’ll ponder on it. Your life will be blessed and your burdens will be lightened as you discover you’re not alone and never have been.

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