I’m not one to share my life much with others, but I’d feel very remiss if I didn’t acknowledge God’s blessings in my life.

About two years ago my beautiful son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. It is a diagnosis with many uncertainties and comes with a lot of daily struggles with communication and understanding. And can be isolating socially.

But I have had family fast for him, and have seen him make progress in so many areas. We had a lot of hurdles with insurance to get therapy covered, struggled to keep him quiet in church, and safe in other places. I used to have a very dark attitude and bleak outlook on the future, and diminished spiritually over what I felt was lacking because of his diagnosis.

But within the past year with other family members struggling with their own major issues I started reading my scriptures and trying to pray more consistently. And that is were I feel the most comfort has come from.

God is mindful of all of us. He loves ALL, and is anxiously awaiting our prayers! Trusting in him doesn’t always come naturally. But I can promise that when we do, we will more fully see his hand in our lives. ❤

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