“I give all the glory to the Lord. He got me there.”

Man Jumps into Freezing Water to Save Drowning Boy

A 6-year-old boy from North Carolina is alive and well thanks to the heroic actions of carpenter Scott Lingerfelt (pictured far right) just two days after Christmas. Lingerfelt and his crew were working on a lake house when they heard cries coming from nearby Lake Hickory.

Some of his fellow crew members dismissed it as a cat, but as Lingerfelt listened, he realized that the sound was a voice crying out for help. “It’s a kid,” he announced, and without hesitation, he ran to the nearest dock and dove into the freezing lake.

The temperature of the water was a mere 45-50 degrees. Risking hypothermia and drowning, Lingerfelt swam for the boy, who was barely hanging on to a nearby pier. Fully clothed and still wearing boots, Lingerfelt quickly became exhausted.

But the carpenter wasn’t about to give up. As his feet became increasingly heavy and numb with cold, he prayed, “Lord give me the strength to get to him, and keep us all safe. Just give me the strength. Lord help me get there.”

Trusting in God, Lingerfelt miraculously made it to the boy and got him out of the water to safety. Though he could have chalked up the feat to his own strength, Lingerfelt chose to praise God for the miracle, stating: “I was tired. I was drained. But I made it. I give all the glory to the Lord. He got me there.”

Lingerfelt was honored at a ceremony held by the Alexander County Sheriff’s Office on January 7.

You can find an article with statements from Lingerfelt and first responders at msn.com