Baseball All-Star Pitches Idea for Bible Reading, 14,000 Join Him Online

On January 9th, 2020, St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright took to Twitter to announce a movement he’s calling Walking With Waino. He invited his fans and followers to join him in daily readings and discussions of God’s word. 

The goal is to read the entire Bible by the end of 2020. Fans jumped to join the movement, posting comments lik,e “I’m so excited for this!!!” and, “What an awesome way to spread His word!”

Wainwright created a separate account, @walkingwwaino, dedicated to the Bible reading, which has already garnered over 14k followers. Wainwright posted on the account, “I can’t believe the response on here so far!…I’ll be hitting the things that stick out to me.  Feel free to chime in with what stuck out to you.”

Though many find it hard to share God’s word online or in public, Wainwright doesn’t let the spotlight keep him from sharing his beliefs. The two-time World Series champion and three-time National League All-Star is using his position for good, spreading the Word and encouraging others to engage online.

While Jesus didn’t have Twitter back in His day, it’s safe to assume that He would have done the same. Christ was not afraid of sharing the Truth, despite negative backlash. Wainwright’s invitation might seem like a small thing, but no doubt great things will come from it. When we follow Christ’s example and stand up for what we believe in, we can also make a difference.