The Appearance of Jesus on the Road to Emmaus

“Didn’t our hearts burn”

Luke 24

After Peter and John confirmed that the Savior’s tomb was empty, two of the disciples journeyed together to Emmaus. They were sad, taking comfort in one another’s company in the quiet walk. As they discussed the events of the past week, Jesus caught up with them and began to walk with them. He used His power over their eyes, so that they could not recognize the Master.

“What are you talking about that makes you so sad?” asked Jesus.
“Are you a stranger to Jerusalem?” asked Cleopas, one of the disciples, in disbelief. “Haven’t you heard the things that have happened in this city the past few days?”
“What things?” asked Jesus innocently.

“About Jesus of Nazareth, who was a prophet in his words and actions before God and the people,” said the other disciples. “The chief priests delivered him to be crucified. But we believed that he would have redeemed Israel. It’s already been three days since he died.”

“And then a few women who believed with us went to his tomb, but his body wasn’t there! They came back and told us they had seen angels, who told them Jesus was alive again. A few of our friends that were with us went to see the sepulcher also, and found it empty like the women said. They didn’t see him,” continued Cleopas.

“Oh you fools, so slow to believe everything that the prophets have said,” sighed Jesus. “Shouldn’t Christ have suffered all this and then enter into glory? Moses and all the prophets have taught these things in the scriptures.”

As they got closer to Emmaus, Jesus acted as if He was going to continue walking.
“Stay with us,” the disciples said. “It is already evening; the day is passed.”

Jesus agreed, and went with them to the place they were staying the night. He sat with them to eat, and took bread and broke it up, blessed it, and gave it to them. As Christ imitated the Last Supper, the eyes of the disciples were opened and they recognized Him. Just as they did, the Master vanished from their view.
Amazed, they said to each other, “Didn’t our hearts burn while He talked with us and explained the scriptures?”

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