Jesus Teaches About His Death: Those Who Receive The Son Receive the Father

“My time has come that I will be glorified.”

John 12

Jesus taught the disciples and a group of Greeks that had come to see Him.

“My time has come that I will be glorified,” He explained. “Seeds of wheat that die without being buried in the earth only die. If they are planted, however, they bring new life.

The person that loves his own life will lose it, and the person that loves eternal life more than mortal life will gain life eternal.

If any man would serve me, let him follow me. My servant will be wherever I am, and my Father will honor him.

My soul is shaken, but what can I do? Father, save me from this hour (my time has come). But I was prepared for this hour. Father, glorify your name.”

Suddenly, there was a voice heard from heaven.

“I have glorified my name, and will glorify it again,” it said, still but powerful.

The people gathered there were confused and amazed.

“An angel just spoke to him!” said one.

“This voice was not for me, but for your sakes,” said Jesus. “Now is the judgment of the world, and the prince of the world will be cast out. I will be lifted up, and will draw all men to me.”

He said this speaking of His own death, lifted up on the cross in His crucifixion.

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