Jesus Raises Lazarus from the Dead

“Didn’t I tell you that if you believed, you would see the glory of God?”

John 11

In Bethany, the sisters Mary and Martha, along with a procession of their friends, led Jesus to the tomb where they had laid Lazarus’ body. There was a large stone covering the door.

“Move the stone,” said Jesus to the group.

“But Lord,” said Martha, Lazarus’ sister, “he has been dead for four days. His body will stink by now.”

Jesus looked at her kindly.

“Didn’t I tell you that if you believed, you would see the glory of God?” He asked.

They took away the stone to open up the doorway to the tomb. Jesus looked up to heaven.

“Father, I am grateful that you have heard me. You have always heard me, and now these people will witness that You have sent me,” He prayed. Then He looked at the tomb and spoke with a loud commanding voice.

“Lazarus, come out.”

Those with Him waited a few moments in eager anticipation. Then they heard the muffled shuffling of feet. Soon, in the door appeared Lazarus, struggling to come forward with his body wrapped in burial linens, his face covered with a cloth.

“Unbind him and let him go,” Jesus said calmly to the awestruck group. A few friends rushed forward to undo the bandages, freeing the once dead Lazarus.

Many were converted that day, seeing proof that Jesus had power over death. Others, however, went to the Pharisees and reported what Jesus had done. From that day, they began to plot Jesus’ death.


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