Jesus is Baptised in the River Jordan by John the Baptist

“Be Humble, Like John”

Matthew 3

Before Christ’s ministry, before He fasted in the wilderness for forty days, He looked for His cousin John. The two had shared a special connection from even before they were born and had spent much of their boyhoods playing together. Now, Jesus needed to find John to be baptized to obey His Father’s will. He found John teaching and baptizing by the river Jordan. When John spotted Jesus, he smiled and left the river to embrace his cousin.

“What has brought you here?” John asked Jesus.
“I’ve come for you to baptize me,” replied Jesus with a smile. John grew serious.
“I am not worthy to baptize you. In fact, I need you to baptize me,” John said humbly.
Jesus put his hand on his cousin’s arm.
“Let this happen, John,” Jesus said.
“I need to be baptized to obey my Father’s plan.”Then Jesus walked into the river. John reluctantly followed. He baptized Jesus in the River Jordan, putting Him completely under the water and bringing Him back up again.

As the water ran off Jesus’ hair and face, a voice was clearly heard from the heavens.
“This is my Beloved Son, who greatly pleases me,” the voice said. And as the voice spoke, a white dove descended and circled Jesus.

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