Jesus Heals The Blind Man

“Healing comes from God”

John 9

One Sabbath day during the Savior’s ministry, Jesus a blind man came across the path, the man was born blind. The disciples asked Christ if the blindness was a curse for the man’s sins or the sins of his parents.

Jesus responded, “This man didn’t sin, nor did his parents, but that the works of God might be revealed in him.” It was a chance to show God’s power.

Jesus then made clay from His spit and dirt, put the clay on the eyes of the man, and told him, “Go, wash in the pool of Siloam.

Jesus Heals The Blind Man of Bethsaida

The blind man obeyed, and his sight was restored. News of this miracle spread quickly, and the Pharisees sought out the blind man to question him. They wanted to know who performed the miracle and how, especially since they taught it was against the Law of Moses to do the work of healing on the Sabbath day.

They were convinced both the blind man and the person who had healed him were sinners. The blind man gave his testimony, saying that he did not know who the man was, but he did know he had been healed and that his healer must be from God.

The Pharisees became angry at this response. They asked the blind man’s parents to testify instead. The parents were afraid of the Pharisees, since anyone who went against them were cast out of the church. They only agreed that the man had been born blind, but said they didn’t know by whom or what power he was healed.

Again the Pharisees turned to the man born blind, who repeated that he knew with certainty that the man who had helped him had power to heal and must be from God. Because he would not renounce his healer, the man healed from blindness was cast out of the church. The Pharisees told him that he was a sinner, and that he could not understand the power of God as well as they did.

He was not allowed to worship with the others in their synagogue anymore.

When Jesus heard what had happened to the man, He went to find him.

Do you believe in the Son of God?” Jesus asked him.

The blind man asked, “Who is He, that I may believe in Him?”

Christ answered, “You have both seen him, and it is he who speaks with you.

Then the man fell down and worshiped Him. He knew that he had found the Savior.

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