Jesus calls Andrew, Simon, Philip and Nathaniel

Walk with Jesus

John 1

John the Baptist had many followers before Jesus began His ministry. After baptizing the Master, John told the story to his followers, testifying that Jesus was the Lamb of God. Two of John’s listeners, in particular, were very interested in John’s story.
They followed the path Jesus took until they found Him.

“What are you looking for?” Jesus asked, noticing the two men following Him.
“Master, where do you live?” one asked, named Andrew.

“Come and see,” said Jesus, and He invited them to stay with Him. They talked late into the night.

Returning home to Galilee, Andrew went to tell his brother, Simon Peter, about the Man John testified of.

“Peter, we have found the Messiah, the Christ!” Andrew exclaimed excitedly, grabbing his brother’s arm.

The next day, as Peter and Andrew were fishing, the man called Jesus called to them from the shore. They left their boats and spoke with Him.

“You are Simon, Son of Jonah,” said Jesus, walking towards the brothers. “But you will be known as the Rock.”

Peter didn’t understand what Jesus meant, but Christ knew that Peter would be instrumental in organizing the Church and maintaining the teachings after Christ had died. Andrew and Peter followed Christ from that day, leaving their fishing behind.

As they walked through the city of Bethsaida, Jesus stopped and talked with a man named Philip.

“Come, follow me,” Jesus invited.
“I will,” said Philip. “Let me tell my friend, and I will bring him to you as well.”
Philip walked over to a fig tree not far from Jesus, where his friend Nathaniel waited for him.

“Nathaniel!” Philip said excitedly, “Nathaniel, we have found Him, the one the Law of Moses and all the prophets have prophesied of! His name is Jesus, He comes from Nazareth!”
“Nazareth?” asked Nathaniel, skeptically.

“What has ever come from Nazareth?”
“Come and see for yourself!” said Philip, turning and running back the way he came. Intrigued, Nathaniel followed. Soon, they were approaching Jesus. Before either of them said a word, Jesus spoke.

“Nathaniel! A man of integrity,” Jesus said, greeting him.
“How do you know my name?” asked Nathaniel, amazed.

“Before Philip brought you here, I saw you standing under that fig tree,” said Jesus.
“You are the Son of God, the King,” said Nathaniel, falling to Christ’s feet. Jesus smiled at the innocent believer and lifted him to stand.

“You believe because I saw you? You will see greater miracles than this,” Christ told him. And Philip and Nathaniel followed Him from that moment on.

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