Jesus Blesses the little Children

“One By One”

Matthew 19

Jesus Christ was teaching on the coasts of Judaea. He had just finished teaching about marriage when a group of women approached Him, herding along their busy children. As the noisy group got closer, one of the disciples stepped over to them before they could reach Jesus.

“Can I do something for you women?” he asked quietly, watching a young boy chase his sister, another tripping in the dirt.
One of the mothers spoke up for the group.

“We are going to ask Jesus to bless our children,” she said, balancing her baby on her hip.
“Jesus is very busy teaching right now,” the disciple said.

“You may join the others to sit and listen if your children can sit quietly.”
As the disciple turned to walk back to the others, he was surprised to see Jesus walking quickly towards them, looking upset.

“Where are you going?” He called out to the women, reaching the group.
“We were coming to see you, but our children are too noisy to be allowed to stay. We’re sorry for interrupting,” said a woman.

“Come back, and let me bless your little children,” Jesus invited, picking up one child and taking another by the hand. Surprised, the disciple helped the mothers and their children return to the other disciples.

Christ looked sternly at His disciples and said,
“Let the little children come to me and do not turn them away. This is how the kingdom of God is run. Whoever does not believe and obey God as little children do will not be allowed to enter His kingdom.”

The Master then spoke with the children, smiling and listening. One by one He took them on His lap, placed His hands on their heads, and blessed them, with their mothers gathered around in gratitude.

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