Jesus and John the Baptist Baptize

“Be a Follower of Christ”

John 3

Jesus and His disciples traveled into Judea. They came to the same river where John was baptizing in the desert wilderness. Jesus picked a spot upriver from where John was working. He took each of His disciples into the water and baptized them the same way that John had baptized Him.

Soon more believers came to be baptized by Him. John continued teaching and baptizing as well.

One afternoon, one of the early followers of John came and spoke with him. He seemed concerned as he said, “John, that man that you baptized in the River Jordan and testified of, he’s over there baptizing and more people come every day.”

John looked in surprise at the man, and could see that others were watching their conversation.

To the whole group he said, “No one can know of anything unless heaven makes it known. You all know that I am not the Christ, but that I was sent before Him to prepare the way. He is like the groom, and His bride is the church. The bride belongs to the groom and follows him, the same it is that the church belongs to and follows Christ. I am like the friend of the groom, happy and
celebrating in the groom’s union to the bride. The man that believes in the Son of God will have everlasting life, but those who do not believe in Him will not and will have the anger of God instead.”


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